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Head Coach of TriEndurance. CSCS Strength and Conditioning Coach, Former Pro-Triathlete and current Endurance Enthusiast competing in short and long distance (on or off-road) cycling events.

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The Best Run Ever!

My day started with a 5am wake-up from 4 year-old Juju, my daughter’s friend who staying the night for sleeping-over. The wake-up call was actually a whisper; “Coach Jared, Coach Jared, I’m scared.” She calls me coach Jared because I coach her older brother Nico’s soccer team. Nico was also...
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Sit or Stand?

Should I sit or should I stand now?         Situation:  I like climbing in the saddle but I feel wasted after 5 or 6 hills. We often feel more in control and faster climbing seated.  However, in a longer race with a half of dozen hills, we...
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Coach Jared’s Power Porridge

This power breakfast is packed with all kinds of great nutrients, sustaining carbohydrates, complete proteins and good fats. Eat it 30-60minutes before a long ride and you will be good to go for a long time! I will even spoon some of my left over porridge into plastic baggy and...
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Hills for Fast Fitness

I have always had an affinity for running hills but I wasn’t always good at it.  I first learned about my hill climbing inferiority during my inaugural fall living in Boulder, Colorado; my new friend and training buddy, Jim Carouthers, invited me on a Green Mountain run in Chautauqua Park and then...
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