The Best Run Ever!

My day started with a 5am wake-up from 4 year-old Juju, my daughter’s friend who staying the night for sleeping-over. The wake-up call was actually a whisper; “Coach Jared, Coach Jared, I’m scared.” She calls me coach Jared because I coach her older brother Nico’s soccer team. Nico was also sleeping over as he my 7-year-old son Kyle are best buds. Our kids had this Friday off from school and me being the one with the flexible job, I was in charge of their days activities. My kids love play dates so already having their friends Nico and Juju over was a plus. To make things a bit more crazy we also had Kyle’s and Kieren’s friends Cate and Campbell coming over before 9am so their mom could go off to a meeting. The plan was for me to take the 6 children to Gymnastics open gym, the park for more play and snacks before finally coming back home for more food and downtime.

Everything went off without a hitch and somewhere between 2 and 3pm all the friends had left, my wife Sara had returned. Sara asked me what I would like to do and I explained that I would love to go for a quick run or bike before it got dark. However, as I was getting ready to go for my little exercise retreat, my son came to me with soccer ball in hand and asked me if wanted to kick the ball around. Of course, without hesitation, I said yes! I could never pass up the opportunity to play with my little guy! So we started dribbling and passing. Soon we were running down the bike path passing the ball back and forth calling out line, support or cross to let the other know where we were going to be to retrieve the pass. While running we would pass the ball off walls, off trees, down the street and through tunnels under roads before we eventually circled back to a park in our neighborhood 15-minutes later. Once we got to the park I easily convinced Kyle to do a half-dozen 5 second hill sprints with me on a full recovery. We high-five’d when we were done and then went onto a game of extreme tag on the playground which turned into a serious metabolic VO2max workout trying to catch and stay away from a quick agile little 7-year-old. After a few trips down the monkey bars and some long passing with me on the bottom of the hill and him on top, we walked home invigorated and ready for dinner!

Although I didn’t get my intended run in, I did get in the Best Run Ever!

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Head Coach of TriEndurance. CSCS Strength and Conditioning Coach, Former Pro-Triathlete and current Endurance Enthusiast competing in short and long distance (on or off-road) cycling events.