The Nutritional Reset 2012!

Hey Friends and Family!

My 2012 Nutritional reset begins tomorrow with a 5 day Pre-Clean that consist of eating only ‘included foods’ from the elimination diet. Me and several of my friends and family will follow a brilliant, smart, gentle and habit changing cleansing program refined by Dr. Alejandro Junger. You can find the full clean manual here: Read up, hop in with us or use some of the great resources and coaching on the – website.

Today I need to make sure I have all the right foods so you can easily transition into the Pre-Clean tomorrow. I will Load up on a few extra ‘elimination diet included’ fruits and veggies, my favorite gluten free grains and get psyched to go off of caffeine, most sugars, alcohol, dairy, eggs, cheese, corn, soy, beef, and high acidic foods. I don’t expect this pre-clean phase to be too difficult for me because I haven’t had gluten in 11 months after realizing how bloated, gassy and uncomfortable it makes me. Caffine and alchohol won’t be difficult because I rarely consume either more than a few times a week. I expect eggs and corn to be the most difficult for me this year because they are readily available and convenient in my typical diet.

We keep exercising but just back a off intensity a little. We also use this time to reset, relax, reflect, revive our spiritual practices, meditate, prayer, love and give even more. You will be amazed how this reset will carry momentum through the entire year. The first 5 days involve eating solid foods from the elimination diet and the next 21 days involve eating liquid foods in the morning and evening and a solid food lunch —-all approved in the elimination diet.

My goals with this Nutritional reset is to once again rest my GI track, decrease my inflammation, improve my creativity in healthy food consumption, decrease my sugar intake, smile more and be even more present in my Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu practices.

Now it’s time to take my Clean Audit and weigh myself in:

Weight: Currently 156lbs. Last year before the clean I was 163 lbs and dropped down to 151 lbs (12lb loss). This year I want to keep the weight loss to 6lbs or less and I will expect to balance back to 153lbs after my nutritional reset.

The Clean Audit:
  1. Do you have headaches more than occasionally? …since last years clean, I notice I only get head-aches when I drink my almond milk latte in the morning.
  2. Do you tend to get colds or viruses each year? I got one cold this year. Usually I would get sick 2-3 times a year.
  3. Do you have bowel movements less frequently than after every meal? I am all good in this catagory – much credited to last years cleanse.
  4. Do you have bowel movements that are not soft and easily passed? Loving it!
  5. Do you get itchy or water eyes and nose at certain times of year? nope.
  6. Do you have allergies or hay fever? in years past but hardly noticeable this year after last years Nutritional reset.
  7. Do you often get congested or mucusy? I would say I still get mucusy more than I would like. …could be the sugar, cheese, corn?
  8. Do you get bloated after eating? not without gluten in my diet!
  9. Do you have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise?  Got rid of that extra 5-7lbs and after last years clean; staying pretty lean since.
  10. Do you have puffiness in areas of your face or body?  maybe.
  11. Do you have dark circles under your eyes? no.
  12. Do get heartburn?  no.
  13. Do you have gas more than occasionally?  not any more.
  14. Do you have bad breath or body order?  nothing out of the norm.
  15. Is there a thin white coat on the back of your tongue when you wake up? no
  16. Do you get cravings for certain kinds of food especially sugary starchy or dairy foods?  I would say this has snuck back up on me.
  17. Do you have a tendency toward restless sleep? could be better here.  …a new mattress may also help.
  18. Do you have pimples, itchy skin or any other troubling skin condition?  skin is doing great, noticed an improvement since last years reset.
  19. Do you get pain or stiffness in your joints or muscles?  I would like to recover faster from my hard workouts.
  20. Do you have low moods or foggy mind?  occasionally.
  21. Do you feel apathetic or tired?  no, pretty good energy.
  22. Do you feel anger or bursts of irrational frustration?  sometimes
  23. Do you have higher than average sensitivity to odors?  no
  24. Do you use multiple prescriptions or medications? no
  25. Do you use many toxic chemicals at work or home? a couple I would assume.
  26. Do you have muscular skeletal aches and pains or symptoms suggested to fibromyalgia? no
  27. Do you have tingling or numbness on one sided? no
  28. Do you have strange reactions to medications or supplements? no
  29. Do you have recurrent edema? no
  30. Have you noticed a worsening of any troublesome symptoms after anesthesia or pregnancy? no

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Head Coach of TriEndurance. CSCS Strength and Conditioning Coach, Former Pro-Triathlete and current Endurance Enthusiast competing in short and long distance (on or off-road) cycling events.