Coach Jared’s Power Porridge

This power breakfast is packed with all kinds of great nutrients, sustaining carbohydrates, complete proteins and good fats. Eat it 30-60minutes before a long ride and you will be good to go for a long time! I will even spoon some of my left over porridge into plastic baggy and...
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Hills for Fast Fitness

I have always had an affinity for running hills but I wasn’t always good at it.  I first learned about my hill climbing inferiority during my inaugural fall living in Boulder, Colorado; my new friend and training buddy, Jim Carouthers, invited me on a Green Mountain run in Chautauqua Park and then...
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The Big Three

A couple years ago my friend Rick told me about some area elite cyclist doing a ride that combined three obnoxiously hard hills and  into one monstrous workout.  I had a hard time believing him, when he said that these fellas even do this workout multiple times in one week.  Being impressed...
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