TriEndurance Offers:

A variety of services to help you meet your fitness needs both in life and sport.  With experience, expert and inspiring coaches, you will quickly find yourself on your way towards excellence in all aspects of your life.  With two different coaching options, phone and email consultations, in-person coaching, or self guided training packages; you will find a coaching solution that will meet your needs.

Why TriEndurance?

  • We want to understand your unique life situation and goals.
  • Training is meant to be fun, interesting and effective.
  • TriEndurance has been in the coaching field for almost 20 years.
  • With a simple to use coaching platform and supplemental videos, our coaching is highly interactive.
  • We take endurance fitness, nutrition and mind-body practice seriously and want to share what we have learned with you.
  • Our rates are competitive and service is exceptional!
We look forward to learning more about your endurance sport aspirations!  Email for more information.

Monthly and Weekly Customized Coaching?

Both monthly and weekly use the Training Peaks Coaching Platform, emails, phone-calls and multi-media to create a highly effective coach athlete relationship.  Monthly coaching relies on an end of the month update via email or phone call in order to assess the past month and look towards the future to dial in the next 4-5 week block of training.  Weekly coaching utilizes an email or a phone call at the end of the week or on a Monday that brings the coach up-to-date on the past week and will also update the coach on specific schedule needs for the immediate and distance future.

Experience customized coaching fine tuned to meet your schedule:

  • With ongoing consultation over your current training and a program designed accordingly, you will excel towards your goals in fitness and sport.
  • Programs include a sport specific, nutritional and cross training guidance.
  • You will have access to the Addaero training tool to get your workouts, log your results and communicate with your coach.
  • Your training and race reports will help us keep up with your progress and understand your fitness and schedule needs.
  • Use Training Peaks, an email, call or shoot over a text when you have a fitness or sport question .
  • We do not put a specific number on this communication time because we have found that over the last 15 years in the athlete coaching business we have found that there is no need to.  …maybe it’s because we understand that we would all rather be out there training than spending time on lengthy emails or phone conversation!
Weekly Rates:
  • $50.00 one-time start-up
  • $240.00 per month
Monthly Rates
  • $50.00 one-time start-up
  • $150 per month

Custom Commitment:

You can stop and start monthly and weekly coaching whenever you like.  We understand that life is dynamic, goals will change and priorities can shift so just let us know and all you will owe is the fee for your current month.  …plus you can start up a gain with no additional start-up charge.

Coached and Non-coached Pre-Designed Coaching?

Ideal for athletes who are comfortable following a program that is more general for a population with similar goals. Multiple programs are available to choose from and geared towards a final goal whether it be a Long distance Triathlon, marathon, cycling event, mountain bike race etc… Both coached and non-coached options use Addaero to relay your workouts and multi media including videos and articles to help explain workouts and theories. The ‘coached’ option will allow you to log in your results and have a coach give you feed back from time to time on you your workouts.

Choose from tried and tested training programs that match up to your needs:

  • With a variety of training programs to choose from you can find a program that fits your needs, lifestyle and goals.
  • Programs include a sport specific, nutritional and cross training guidance.
  • You will have access to the Addaero training tool to get your workouts and log your results.
  • ‘Coached Pre-designed programs’ will be allowed up to 5 customized changes including addition of a race, change of day off, or a special workout consideration.
  • For ‘coached pre-designed programs’ you can email to contact your coach when you have a fitness or sport question.
Pre-design coached Rates
  • $50 one-time start-up
  • $49 per month
Pre-designed non-coached Rates
  • $30 one-time start-up
  • $19 per month

Pre-design Commitment:

With pre-design coaching you are choosing a program with pre-determined length of time. You pay for the entire three, six or nine month block of coaching at once.

Triathlon Training

Weather your going for the overall win, age-group titles or are just thinking about trying a triathlon.   Choose from custom coaching options or pre-designed programs that will help you integrate a  multi-sport training into your busy life and guide you toward your goals!


The ‘BikeEndurance’ division of ‘TriEndurance’s athlete and wellness services’ works with mountain bikers, competitive road cyclist from elite level juniors up to seasoned Cat 2 cyclist and professional mountain bikers.  Whether your are training for an entire road race season, an epic mountain bike stage race or the a single day even, BikeEndurance has the custom  and pre-designed coaching for you!

From 5K to Ultra

TriEndurance has worked with runners from 5K to Marathon for years: from 1st time marathoners to olympic trials qualifiers.  With the addition Joe Berg to the coaching staff, (a seasoned veteran in triathlon and marathon who is now taking his endurance ambitions successfully to the Ultra world), we are very excited to offer training programs that can help runners explore the exciting world beyond the Marathon!

Weight Loss Challenge

The weight loss challenge will bring you out of your daily eating routine, providing a change in eating habits and empowering you with self awareness about how food effects your body both short and long term.  Let’s give your Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract a rest and get the most our nutrition absorption and metabolize our food stuff optimally!  In the first month of the weight loss challenge you might lose 10 – 15 pounds depending on your need.  We are what we eat and we eat what we are!

Nutritional Reset

Discover how food effects you!   Do you  experience heart burn, get bloated or gassy, have  achy joints, inflammation that won’t go away,  notice a low mood, lack energy, carry a few extra pounds or get an upset tummy more often than you would like?  Why tolerate any of these nuisances, when you can eliminate them altogether!  Start on the 28 day nutritional reset today and feel better tomorrow!