With slow Protocol sets you will only do 4-8 reps because you spend up to 10 seconds lowering and 10 seconds raising the weight.   The sets may last up to 2 minutes so weight is less.  Try different exercise available at the gym or at home!  Warm and loosen-up before hand.  Have fun and enjoy the burn!

This efficient strength session can be done nearly anywhere in about 20-minutes. Warm-up and get a light dynamic stretch in and make sure you keep that neck relaxed on the Hamstring Curls on Fit-ball.

This little strength and core routine has some different exercises to give variety to your routine. Give them a try, do the routine a few times for a big workout or just add a couple of the exercises to your workout.

Straight leg on fit ball hits upper hamstrings and lower resistance. Bent leg works deeper in the muscle belly of hamstring and more resistance. Full hamstring curl on fitball covers full range of motion and gives the most resistance. All exercises are great for core and can be done with or without out elbows to very stability and even single legged for a real challenge!

This quick little dynamic warm-up should help get you ready to hit your strength session. Make sure you also address your specific areas of need so you are ready to go. This one is short enough that you have absolutely no excuses not to get it in before you start your serious stuff!

This simple choreography that can make loosening up much more interesting than many typical routines. It’s my understanding this from created by early Chinese Military was designed to help solders ready for training and battle.

This 10-15 minute rehab strength session is designed to give dynamic but lower stress strengthen ideas for strengthening and supporting low back integrated muscles; specifically erector spinaes, obliques, abdominal’s, glutes, hamstrings. Only exercises that do

All great exercises that work much of the abdominal core region. Relax your shoulders keep strong abs and enjoy these exercises.
Friends getting together for some running fun before the afternoon Thanksgiving Feasts begin! If you don’t have an event in your neighborhood, create an unsanctioned one like we do.