Mind Body

I am not an expert on mind and body but I can certainly describe myself as a connoisseur.  I have done my share of yoga, meditation, prayer and even visualization.  These practices are amazing and when weaved into life, have an amazing impact on our well being.  I will continue to explore yoga and meditation as I do feel they are invaluable mind/body tools.  However, for me personally I have found that I do not meditate as well when still and can sometimes try to hard in yoga.  Instead my  mind-body practice involves Tai Chi, Chi Gong and the artful side of Kung Fu.  I find myself gravitating towards these styles of mind-body arts because they demand a slightly different focus, memory skill, attention to detail, athleticism, yet still remain vastly different from the endurance sports I partake in.  I am always thankful for content and grounded I feel after I complete one of my forms.

Benefits of Mind-Body:

  • Stress reliever.
  • Increase our ability to be present and get the most out of every moment.
  • Lower resting and exercise Heart Rate because of increased parasympathetic tone associated with moving in a relaxed state.
  • Improved breathing mechanics and function.
  • Injury prevention through mindful and healthy movement and energy work.
  • Decreased inflammation through reducing natural hormone and stress responses.
  • Improved energy and connection with the environment.
  • Enhanced tools for dealing with adversity.
The Power of Mind Body practice is limitless yet barely understood.  We know that a freestyle ski jumper or snowboarder who practices his jump in his head before dropping-in will perform to a higher level.  It is understood that each of us has an optimal state of arousal that allows to perform at our best.  Being able to meditate, relax, breathe and find a calm thought is extremely useful while waiting in rush-hour traffic or even lining up for a marathon where pacing the first mile correctly is crucial.

Finding your Mind Body connection?

  I challenge you to discover the best pathway to a your healthy mind-body connection.  Try any of the practices I have mentioned or explore something different.  Ask me about my practices and please share anything you have learned in yours as I we are all students in this school we call life!


Yoga encompasses a variety of different styles.  Some are new and some are from ancient times. Do not be intimidated by a new or advanced class and do not be competitive.  Arrive early to class and let yoga come to you, don’t force it.  …practice on your own too.

Qigong (pronounced ChiGong)

Involves a series of slow mindful and meditative movements coordinated with rhythmic breathing in order to restore or enhance our Qi (chi).  Qigong can falls into the alternative medicine realm via its aim to restore personal balance with health, air, water, food, sunlight and interaction with environment.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi anciently defended as ‘Mindful Walking’ is similar to Qigong in regards to it’s rhythmic and fluid movements coordinated with our breathe.  Movements

Kung Fu

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